The Uses of the Body 

One of "12 Favorite Poetry Books of 2015" by The New Yorker
One of the “16 Best Poetry Books of 2015" by BuzzFeed
A “Book We Can’t Wait to Read” by Vogue
In the top “8 New Books to Savor” by O, the Oprah Magazine

Deborah Landau’s new collection, The Uses of the Body, is propelled by two unanticipated events—a death and a birth. The drives and vulnerabilities of the female body, and its various “uses,” fill these lyrically haunting poems with tenderness, regret, and desire. The poems slant and swerve as Landau explores the complexities of marriage, motherhood, and sexuality, conjuring a cherished domestic life beset by ennui and illness, singing often unspoken truths.

Praise for The Uses of the Body

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